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PyMCon Sponsors

Become a Sponsor of the PyMCon Web Series, a series of online events led by members of the PyMC community.

Become a Sponsor

By contributing to PyMCon, first and foremost that supports the open source project. PyMC is a non-profit through NumFOCUS and contributions are tax-deductible.

It also establishes your brand as a forward-looking leader in open source and the data science space. PyMC users are highly skilled software engineers, data scientists, and statisticians, and sought after in the market and thus are ideal candidates for any company.

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PyMCon Sponsorship Levels

No U-Turn SamplerHamiltonian Monte CarloMetropolis-HastingsConjugate Model
Sponsorship CategoryContact us for custom sponsorships$5,000$2,000$1,000
Top billing logo positioning on YouTube thumbnail
Sponsor webinar with Q&A
Logo on the PyMC main website (for 6 months)
Share job postings on PyMC social media (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Logo on the PyMCon website (Ordered by tier)

PyMCon 2020 Sponsors

Metropolis-Hastings Tier

Community Partners

Technology Partners

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